Hainan promotes the use of dust noise online monitoring system for real-time supervision

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South China Sea network, South China Sea network client Haikou February 24 news (South China Sea network reporter Zhuang Xiaoshan correspondent Yang Zhou) February 24,The South China Sea network reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Construction,In order to effectively improve the construction site dust and noise pollution prevention and control ability,Establish a new supervision model to improve the level of civilized construction,Decided to promote the use of construction site dust noise online monitoring system in the province。

  It is difficult to comprehensively regulate dust noise pollution by traditional means

  According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial housing and Construction Department, the noise and dust pollution of the construction site is a major component of environmental pollution。A few days ago, the department issued several notices, requiring the city and county construction administrative departments to strictly prevent and control construction dust pollution, strictly control objectives, clear prevention and control priorities, and strengthen supervision。For example, the responsible parties are urged to strictly implement the six 100% measures of "sprinkling, covering, hardening, washing, greening, and enclosure" on construction sites。

  However, the traditional means of supervision are mainly through the mass reporting and on-site supervision of supervisors, and it is found that law enforcement is difficult to be in place。In the face of the new situation of environmental protection, it is urgent to combine environmental protection work with advanced information technology, establish a new supervision model, and effectively improve the prevention and control ability of construction site dust pollution and the level of civilized construction。

  The construction of dust noise online monitoring system can monitor the pollution situation in real time

  On February 11 this year, the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction officially issued the Notice on Promoting the Online Monitoring System for Dust Noise at Construction Sites of construction Projects, promoting the use of the dust noise monitoring system in construction projects in the province。

  According to reports, the dust noise online monitoring system takes data collection and alarm display as the starting point, and applies information technology to build a digital pollution control system to achieve online monitoring of dust pollution and noise on the construction site, and grasp the pollution of key periods, key areas and key processes in real time and accurately。After the system is used, it will be on PM2.5, PM10, TSP(total dust), noise and other four indicators for online monitoring, early warning alarm。

  Construction enterprises with serious dust control problems will be on the "black list"

  The dust noise online monitoring system will divide the warning into two levels, yellow warning and red alarm, according to the scope of pollution。

  It's in the yellow alert zone,Municipal and county construction administrative departments shall conduct a warning interview with the person in charge of the main responsible unit for dust control;In the red alert zone,The responsible units and individuals of the municipal and county construction administrative departments for ineffective dust control,Order them to stop their violations,Rectification within a time limit,Enterprises and individuals responsible for violations of dust control shall be punished according to law,Enter the bad behavior record。

  At the same time, construction enterprises due to dust control problems have been punished for many times or serious illegal circumstances, directly listed in the integrity "blacklist", will not be able to participate in the integrity level evaluation, directly as the most stringent supervision object, suspended within a year enterprise qualification upgrading, bidding activities, all kinds of evaluation and other activities。

  Each ready-mixed concrete mixing station must complete the installation of monitoring equipment before March 1

  According to the requirements of the "Notice", adhere to strengthening the main responsibility of pollution polluters, according to the principle of "who pollutes, who governs" and "who pollutes the environment, who pays", the installation cost of dust noise online monitoring equipment is responsible for the construction unit, and the construction unit is clearly responsible for dust pollution control in the construction contract。

  Relevant construction sites and ready-mixed concrete mixing stations must complete the installation of dust noise online monitoring equipment before March 1 this year and upload data seamlessly with the dust supervision system。

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